5G is super fast. Compared to 4G, you can download ten games over a 5G network compared to half of one game over 4G.

If you are in a 5G ready country, you know the experience of this amazing internet speed. In this soccer season, you can probably download all the current info on the Euro 2020 squads faster than we can spell Mississippi. It’s that quick.

Although you have just gotten used to the idea of 5G networks, and some countries haven’t even wrapped their heads around it, there is more in the pipelines. Enter 6G.

We don’t know exactly what 6G will look like, but we know the possibilities. 6G has been described as a seamlessly integrated, internet-based system that will allow customers, devices, vehicles, and the environment to communicate in real-time.

More possibilities:

It’s so powerful that it could bring about the world we see in science fiction movies – holograms, flying cars, wifi implants, cellular surfaces and more. Movies, TV shows, and games will only be restricted by the time it takes for the screen to turn on, there will be no timeouts or lost connection, and video calls will be as clear as being in front of the other person.

Some people envision connections and displays on appliances, furniture, clothing, walls. Everything could be connected. No one knows what it actually looks like, but there are some ideas on what 6G could be.

Increased speed and lower latency for an incredible gaming experience

For gaming and sport, it brings many more options and possibilities. With the latency target set for 100 microseconds, it means greater interactivity and a better online experience. Think instant—no jitters or lags, but an immersive experience that feels like you’re in the game itself.

Online games and contests could be transformed into truly immersive XR (Extended Reality) experiences, complete with smart wearables, headsets, and even implants, thanks to 6G’s speed. Think virtual reality but five times better, with cordless devices, better haptic feedback in tactical games and crystal clear graphics. With that, you could get away from reality and immerse yourself in your favourite game. Imagine virtually embodying your Sim or not having to hold your phone while playing Zombies, Run! or Pokémon GO.

Better download speed:

6G’s lightning-fast speed will allow for instantaneous downloads and updates. What takes 5G 5 hours to download will take 6G 18 seconds. You can download a movie in under a minute with 5G. However, 6G allows you to download more than 140 hours of movies in a single minute.

When compared to the 5G networks that are now being deployed, 6G will be a huge step ahead in terms of performance. 6G is said could use terahertz (THz) bands between 100GHz and 10GHz to achieve a peak data rate of 1000 gigabits per second with an air latency of fewer than 100 microseconds. 6G will be 50 times quicker, 100 times more dependable, and accommodate ten times more devices per square kilometre than 5G.

For governments and companies, competition is fierce. It’s a race to be the first to both develop 6G and patent it.

China is currently the leader in 5G, with Huawei Technologies Co. leading in providing devices with the network. Despite resistance and opposition from the United States government, China has the largest 5G footprint in the world. The development of 6G may provide an opportunity for the United States to reclaim its lost position in wireless technology. An alliance has been made between ATIS (The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions) and tech giants such as Apple, AT&T, Qualcomm, Google and Samsung Electronics to promote North American leadership in 6G.

Although 6G and 7G are still just ideas, there are predictions that 6G may start being implemented as early as 2028.

We have seen how the capacity of applications has increased with 3G, 4G, and 5G networks in the past. As a network’s capacity grows, so do its applications. This means that new products and services will be created and existing ones will have improved features.

The possibilities are endless.


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