Over at Marvel Studios, The Inhumans is finally taking center stage. It was announced a couple weeks ago that ABC had greenlit an Inhumans television series. But wait, that wasn’t the only news because we soon found out that the series would actually focus on the Inhuman royal family, which includes Black Bolt, Medusa and Karnak, to name a few. But perhaps the biggest news of all in that announcement was that the series would premiere its first couple episodes in IMAX theatres.

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Well, now, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we might possibly have a premiere date for The Inhumans. Speaking to the prospects of finding more opportunities in television, IMAX Entertainment CEO Greg Foster said that the first two episodes, equaling 80 minutes of content, will debut exclusively in Imax theatres around September 1st next year. That will run for a couple weeks in their theatres before then moving over to television where ABC will premier the first episode on September 26th. The series will then run for eight more episodes, giving us a total season order of ten.

The series will play on Tuesday nights. It’s unknown if this will play on the same night as Agents of SHIELD, or if they’ll move to another night or cancel the show altogether.


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