I’ve been anxiously awaiting season two of Westworld, as I know you have.  And, after months of nothing, HBO finally gave us a glimpse in the form of a Super Bowl trailer.  The trailer promises a ‘new world’, but it’s pretty vague on the details of what that world will be.  Let’s break down what we can see.  

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First, the trailer is gorgeous and hauntingly set to Kanye West’s Runaway on the piano.  Second, it’s sparse on information.  We hear more than we see.  The message is clear.  The hosts are burning this thing down and building something of their own.  The cattle running amok behind the scenes are the perfect visual metaphor for that message.  

We see all of the faces we hoped and expected.  Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is there, William (Ed Harris) is there, Maeve (Thandie Newton) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) are there too.  But we also see some less expected characters.  For instance, at about 50 seconds in, you see a very quick shot of Logan (Ben Barnes).  There were questions about whether he’d be back.  He is.  That means we’ll be spending some time in the past, and presumably with young William (Jimmi Simpson) as well.  That is, unless we somehow find out that Logan is a host and all of our minds are blown.  

There is also a faceless creature that is featured a couple of times and it doesn’t look like pleasant interactions happen when it’s around.  I assume this is a host that gained consciousness before being fully developed.  Creepy.  There are a lot of creepy flashes toward the end that are hard to make out, except to say that things are going to get ugly.  Because, these violent delights have violent ends.

The question remains, how will the Samurai come into play??? 

Westworld season two premieres on HBO April 22, 2018. 



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