Zack Attack is back! Ok, not really because the whole Saved By The Bell cast will not be participating in this reboot, however, three out of six members isn’t bad. Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley) and A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez) will return to Bayside High as not only staff of their former high school, but also parents. Speaking of parental units, Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) will also be occasionally appearing, since his son will be the blonde, charming, cocky, trouble starter at Bayside. Sound familiar? We can all say a resounding “thank you” to NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock, for making sure that this will be as close to an homage to the old gang as possible– even if we’re missing a few of our favorites.

As some of us recall, the closest reunion we’ve had prior to this official reboot was a reunion sketch summoned together in 2015 by Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon. It’s well known that Fallon is no stranger to recreating nostalgic moments, including iconic scenes from Kenan & Kel and Full House. The Saved by the Bell sketch brought the whole gang back together, minus Screech (Dustin Diamond), for eight whole minutes of laughs and an unsurprising viral result.

Given the amount of reboots and remakes that are happening at the moment, it seems like the reception to this newly made-over series is a flood of mixed feelings. Some people can’t wait to dive into this rad universe that was created back at the tail end of the ‘80s. Others don’t understand why yet another classic has to be brought back to life.

To jog everyone’s memories, I should point out that while the original Saved By the Bell (initially titled Good Morning, Miss Bliss in 1987) ran from 1989-1993; they followed the show with a brief stint of the Saved By the Bell: The College Years that we won’t go into, before finally landing on Saved By The Bell: The New Class, which ran from 1993-2000. Having success with a blend of old and new faces seemed to work for the show, so doing it again might put the new reboot in a great position on Peacock. Time will tell whether the majority of viewers will be those of us craving ‘90s nostalgia in the present day or a younger generation searching for something new to watch and relate to in the process. You can grab a free login right here, preppy! 


This article was originally posted 8/14/20


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