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You know that little movie coming out in February called Deadpool, the rated-R one starring Ryan Reynolds as a virtually un-killable mercenary who can’t keep his mouth shut? That one? Well, apparently, it’s not a standalone superhero film like so many people thought, but it’s actually a part of a much larger universe, involving the X-Men, and Deadpool will eventually take part in an ensemble movie.

According to the Deadpool screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, in an interview with Collider, Deadpool, at least, exists in the same universe. As Reese told Collider, “We are part of the X-Universe.” He then went on to add, “…we are fitting into the larger timeline, we need to recognize that. I mean, we have things like the Blackbirds in the movie, we reference Professor X in the movie. So Deadpool is very much of that world and I think sooner or later we’ll cross over into that world.”


However, when could we see this crossover into the larger world? As the writer said, “…we’re not sure when that would be. Probably, if I’d have to guess, we would do a standalone sequel before he entered the actual ensemble movies, but I think at some point it will cross over and it needs to fit.”

So Deadpool in February, then Deadpool 2 at some point in the future and then we get Deadpool in an ensemble X-Men film of some sort.

How they’ll pull that off is anybody’s guess. Thankfully, that’s not for us to figure out, it’s simply for us to enjoy.

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