box office dumb and dumber


~Matt Reed

Looks like there was enough interest and goodwill from the original to at least carry an opening weekend as DUMB AND DUMBER TO took the top spot. Coming almost exactly 20 years later, D&D2 earned an estimated $36 mil. It just edged out the second weekend of BIG HERO 6 which tallied $36 mil also but was behind by a mere $43,000. The ranking may change once actuals are released tomorrow. As a reminder because it has been so long, the original DUMB AND DUMBER was a huge hit. Opening Dec. 16, 1994 it grossed a whopping not-adjusted-for-inflation $247.2 mil worldwide. It’s gross made it the #6 film of that year only behind FORREST GUMP ($329.6 mil), THE LION KING ($312.8 mil), TRUE LIES ($146.2 mil), THE SANTA CLAUSE ($144.8 mil) and THE FLINTSTONES ($130.5 mil). Not a chance in hell the sequel does as well, but it’s a respectable opening nonetheless.

Speaking of BIG HERO 6, I’d be stating the obvious if I said it was a hit so I’ll add that it is running behind last year’s megahit FROZEN. At this point in it’s run it had earned $134.2 mil. The differences are fairly stark. FROZEN is a traditional Disney musical featuring princesses and targeted to girls. BIG HERO 6 is more of an action film with no music and targeted to boys. Of course that doesn’t mean a boy can’t enjoy a musical or a girl won’t want to watch a superhero film, but it may point to why 6 ultimately won’t challenge FROZEN’s $400.7 mil domestic ($1.27 billion worldwide).

Good news for 6 and INTERSTELLAR. Both held onto their week-to-week audience exceptionally well. 6 lost just 35.9% and INTERSTELLAR lost 38.6% with the latter pulling in an estimated $29.1 mil. Looking at international numbers, INTERSTELLAR is a huge hit. It’s already earned an impressive $224.1 mil for a worldwide total of $321.9 mil. Nolan’s last non-Bat film, INCEPTION (2010), grossed $532.9 mil international and INTERSTELLAR is well on its way to toppling that number.

BIRDMAN officially opened wide this weekend even though it’s still only on less than a thousand screens. Still, the addition of nearly 400 screens was good enough to get it to land in the top ten. To-date it has grossed $11.5 mil and should continue to do well as it’s rollout continues to add screens in the coming weeks.

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