weekend box office june 12-14


~Matt Reed

Conservative estimates put JURASSIC WORLD opening around $90 mil. Extremely optimistic estimates put it opening at $125 mil. Its $204.6 mil shattered not only the expectations of everyone, but came within a mere $3 mil of breaking the all-time opening weekend record held by MARVEL’S AVENGERS ($207.4 mil in 2012). It did, in fact, take one record from AVENGERS; its per screen average of $47,871 is tops among films opening on a Friday. If GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY wasn’t enough to prove that Chris Pratt is an A-list talent who has incredible audience appeal, JURASSIC WORLD certainly did.

Universal is riding an incredible high in 2015. FURIOUS 7 is rapidly closing in on AVENGERS to become the third highest grossing film worldwide (it needs less than $8 mil to do just that). PITCH PERFECT 2 is a comedy blockbuster that’s grossed $259.7 mil worldwide and will most certainly spawn more films. Now they’ve resurrected a franchise with a film that has expectations of crossing the billion-dollar mark as well. Only Disney, with two Marvel films and two Pixar movies plus Star Wars in 2015, will rival it.

As expected, every other film took a massive hit. Comedies fared better than most, so SPY was able to net $16 mil in its second weekend. The well-reviewed Melissa McCarthy film has now grossed an impressive $56.9 mil domestic.

Action films and those geared toward men took the biggest tumble:

  • SAN ANDREAS fell 57% to earn $11 mil. While its $307.8 mil worldwide is nothing to sneeze at, it’s a nice hit rather than a mega blockbuster.
  • INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 fell nearly 68%, a drop that isn’t unusual in the horror genre. It’s now pulled in $37.3 mil, $23 mil less than INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2 (2013) earned by its second week. That film ultimately grossed $83.5 mil, a number that CHAPTER 3 will never reach.
  • With a rumored budget of $30 mil, ENTOURAGE won’t be a massive flop but it is a rather huge disappointment. Consider that its $25.8 mil domestic take after two weeks compares incredibly poorly to SEX AND THE CITY (2008) second weekend total of $99.1 mil.
  • TOMORROWLAND continues its slide into mediocrity. The $190 mil Disney flop has now grossed just $177.1 mil worldwide in a month. Its $83.6 mil domestic gross certainly doesn’t put it in JOHN CARTER (2012) territory ($66.2 mil after four weeks against a $250 mil budget) but it’s a franchise killer nonetheless.

Up Next: The indie darling teen comedy/drama DOPE and Pixar’s first film in two years, INSIDE OUT.

Here, as always, are the weekend domestic estimates courtesy of our friends at boxofficemojo.com:

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 8.52.48 PM