Historical fiction with dukes, lords and ladies has been popular for decades. With the rise of Webtoons, we are seeing a particular historical fiction genre rise. These historical fictions mix dukes and lords with magic, fictional faraway lands and isekai. It’s a perfect blend of fantasy, historical fiction and romance.

The tell-tale signs of one of these comics start with an almost always reincarnated or reborn female lead and a tyrant she is destined to be with. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Sometimes, the genders are switched for these, where both are reincarnated, or no one is reincarnated. The most constant element is at least one of the love interests being a misunderstood tyrant.

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Nobody understands them except their love interest and me. I know them and love them to absolute pieces. Here are five tyrants that WEBTOON made me fall in love with.

Calcion Landbird – Charming the Duke of the North

A banner featuring calcion and rin from the webtoon series charming the duke of the north

How do we describe the tyrant in this webtoon? No one says it better than the author in the first chapter. “A cold-hearted man … with looks that kill!” Charming the Duke of the North features Calcion Landbird as the duke and Rin as the reincarnated female lead.

The catch in this webtoon is that Calcion desperately needs someone to pretend to be his lover, and Rin happens to be a successful actress back in the modern world. Donning the name Selina, Rin acts the role of a seductress who seduces the duke. It’s just acting, right?

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While he may be a competent ruler and leader, he is entirely helpless in the show they are trying to pull off and leans on Rin for a lot of support. Her acting defends him from nobles, maids and whatever may come their way. Seeing this supposedly cold-hearted man at the mercy of a modern-day actress is indescribably precious. Every time Rin skillfully plays her part as the seductress, the duke gets completely flustered, showing his inexperience for such an esteemed duke. 

Duke Zeronis – The First Night With the Duke

Duke Zeronis holding Ms. Ripley

The First Night With the Duke stars Ripley, a modern gal reincarnated as a side character in her favorite novel. She swears not to let the plot deviate and to enjoy her days in this fantasy world, but accidentally gets drunk and seduces the two love interests. OOPS. The main love interest is the tyrant Duke, Zeronis.

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Zeronis is the complete opposite of Calcion when it comes to romance. This guy isn’t here to get flustered; he does the flustering. He is good-looking, knows it and flaunts it unapologetically to the female lead. While he is possessive, it doesn’t cross the line of creepy. Though, he is extremely pushy, insisting Ripley marry him. He stops at no cost to seduce and threaten Ripley into marriage. I know “threaten” is a bit harsh, but this is a list of tyrants, after all. 

Duke Luave – The Duke’s Cursed Charm

Tappytoon's promo image for the Duke's Cursed Charm. This webtoon is also on Webtoons

Duke Luave, like many of these comic tyrants, has a terrible curse: his irresistible charm. Not kidding. People fall madly in love with him and are extremely possessive due to his affliction. It is so problematic that women are literally throwing themselves in front of his carriage.

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Luave constantly turns down women and men while also dealing with rumors that he is a seductive devil. Due to this curse, he is much more independent than dukes in similar stories. Bathing, dressing and primarily tending to his needs to spare servants from his curse. He uses magic to suppress the devilish power at all costs. That isn’t to say he doesn’t use his curse on purpose in a pinch…

the cursed duke with the woman he can't charm

He is quick-witted, difficult to please, harder to seduce and an entertaining character. He has quite the personality. While a tyrant in his own right, using his curse only so slightly to his advantage, he isn’t as stone-faced as the rest. However, he is twice as cold-blooded.

Though everything changes when he meets the female lead. Who, surprise, is immune to his charm. Now he will have to learn how to seduce someone.

Therdeo Lapileon – My In-Laws Are Obsessed With Me

Featuring the female and male lead of "My in-laws are obsessed with me"

My In-Laws Are Obsessed With  Me has the typical broody duke, but there is more to him. Therdeo is, you guessed it, a cursed duke. But not the fun kind of curse like The Duke’s Cursed Charm. His curse doesn’t draw the ladies in but rather does them in. Therdeo has poisonous blood, as well as everyone in his family’s bloodline. As a result, he is highly protective of his family and wants to create a better life for his nephew.

Wow, huge father potential. 

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While he rules with his sword and is hard to read, we know that he is a tortured soul that just wants someone he can hold onto. Or, well, we know that after he killed the female lead. It is complicated; you’ll have to trust that things look up in the romance department after the first few chapters. 

Dorothy – The Tyrant Wants to Be Good

A banner featuring the two main love interests as well as the main character from the tyrant wants to be good

You read that right, and yes, Dorothy is a woman and a tyrant. Finally! Though being the tyrant didn’t save her from the born-again trope. She has a second chance at life.

Before, she was a ruthless princess who would do anything to get the crown, even killing her brother. But now? She is destined to live her life as a good person, which is tricky because she had a terrible life. Watching her slowly change and learn what it means to be good charmed me in a way a curse couldn’t. I’m rooting for you, Dorothy.

Are you a fan of WEBTOON tyrants? Who is your favorite?

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