With the holidays in full swing, everyone needs that small reminder to take care of their mental health. And one of our favorite ways to do it is by grabbing our favorite warm blanket, a hot chocolate with tons of marshmallows and a really good WEBTOON. This is the time of year to binge those series you have had on your TBR or ones you’ve been eyeing. If you don’t have one on your list, we’ve got a few ideas for you.

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Match Made in Hell

We are kicking off our list with a high school romance that puts a lot of enemies-to-lovers series to shame, Keitalia‘s Match Made in Hell. It’s about two high schoolers who couldn’t dislike each other more. That is until one asks the other to the school dance, and it becomes a battle of who is trying to cause drama for the other. The antics that Kylie and Tristan get up to will have you laughing your butt off while also rooting for them to find their happy ending.

Match Made in Hell just wrapped up season one and can be read here!

Kylie arguing with Tristan in the hallway.

Match Made in Hell WEBTOON Original Series.

My Deepest Secret

Looking for a WEBTOON that will give you chills? Look no further than Hanza Art‘s My Deepest Secret. Just when you think you have this story all figured out, another twist is thrown into the mix. Make sure you have quite a bit of time on your hands because this one will have you sticking it out for the long haul. And don’t let the cute art style and heartwarming characters fool you; this series is a thriller for a reason.

My Deepest Secret is completed and can be read here!

Elios comforting Emma while at work.

My Deepest Secret WEBTOON Original Series.

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Of Swamp & Sea

We can (and will) say this until we are blue in the face – read Mia Jay and Laurel Boulton‘s Of Swamp & Sea. The supernatural, western romance with twists, turns and mysteries is a must-read. And now is the best time with its return with season two. We promise it will have you on the edge of your seat and falling in love with our favorite spirit-possessed bookworm. So get caught up on Mercy and Jonah’s adventures and try to uncover what is really going on in this fantastical world.

Of Swamp & Sea updates every Wednesday and can be read here!

Jonah and Mercy in Of Swamp & Sea Webtoon series.

Jonah and Mercy in Of Swamp & Sea Webtoon series.

Hand Jumper

Our next must-read WEBTOON series to binge this holiday season is Sleepacross’ Hand Jumper. It is a thriller series that will surely have you on the edge of your seat while also bringing about many questions. It follows Sayeon Lee, an Abberant who despises Aberrants. It’s not just a thriller either; the action in this story is some of our favorites here on WEBTOON and helps to really hype up this story. We can’t help but root for Sayeon to make it to the top.

Hand Jumper updates every Wednesday and can be read here!

Sayeon's sister turning off the TV to get her attention.

Hand Jumper WEBTOON Original Series.

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Speaking of action WEBTOON series, we can’t help but recommend binging Jeho Son and Jwangsu Lee’s Noblesse this holiday season. It’s backed from beginning to end with action worthy of the big screen. The story follows Rai, who wakes up after his 820-year-long nap and starts his new life as a high school student. Because that is precisely where we would want to be. This series has so much to explore, and one read-through won’t be enough. So maybe, save yourself time for two.

Noblesse is completed and can be read here!

Rai shifting his outfit to look like the others.

Noblesse WEBTOON Original Series.

Rooftop & Roommates

Love some good comedy? We’ve got the perfect series to help add some laughs to your holiday season – Zaanart’s Rooftops & Roommates. Just knowing that Jeb is secretly a gargoyle trying to pass as a student makes us laugh. Now add in him just trying to be a normal student, and you can only imagine the shenanigans this series gets into. So, when the family functions get too stressful, hide in a corner and binge a few chapters of this series, and we promise you won’t be able to stop laughing.

Rooftops & Roommates updates every Monday and Friday and can be read here!

Jeb studying.

Rooftops & Roommates WEBTOON Original Series.

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Sometimes the best way to avoid the holiday stress is to take yourself to a whole new world. Figuratively, of course. And what better world than Emma Krogell’s in LUMINE? This fantasy series follows the runaway werewolf, Lumine, who becomes the bodyguard of a witch boy named Kody. It’s a sweet fantasy story that will have all of your attention once you begin. It really is the perfect escape from the realism and stress of the holiday season.

LUMINE updates every Sunday and can be read here!

Lumine and Kody trying to figure out where to go.

LUMINE WEBTOON Original Series.

Love Advice from The Great Duke of Hell

When action and fantasy can’t cut it, we recommend more laughing. And another great series for that is Unfins’ Love Advice from The Great Duke of Hell. What do you do when the girl of your dreams barely knows you exist? A powerful demon from the deepest recesses of Hell, of course. You can only imagine how much trouble can happen when you ask a demon for help. It’s a great read and perfect for the holiday season.

Love Advice from The Great Duke of Hell is completed and can be read here!

Paul summoning the demon from hell.

Love Advice from The Great Duke of Hell WEBTOON Original Series.

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My Dear Cold-Blooded King

Sometimes we love to spend that “me time” with a lot of romance and mystery. This is why Lifelight‘s My Dear Cold-Blooded King is on this list. It’s packed with a mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat from the moment you start chapter one and keep you engaged until the very end. And we can’t ignore how terrific Kihara is. She is equal parts hysterical and strong-willed woman. If you love this series, we highly suggest checking out her new one, Blood Reverie.

My Dear Cold-Blooded King is finished and can be read here!

The mask of the Cold-Blooded King.

My Dear Cold-Blooded King WEBTOON Original Series.

Gourmet Hound

Who doesn’t love emotional cooks and grumpy bakers? For a WEBTOON series that has everything from romance to a beautiful depiction of dealing with grief and loss, look no further than Leehama‘s Gourmet Hound. Lucy’s mission to find the missing chef and rekindle her connection with her late grandmother leads to some of the most beautiful moments we have seen in a WEBTOON series. And since it’s finished, you can spend an entire afternoon falling in love with grumpy Graham and his adorable dog.

Gourmet Hound can be read here!

Lucy crying while cutting onions.

Gourmet Hound WEBTOON Original Series.

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