National Hispanic Heritage Month is officially underway, and to celebrate, we have nine WEBTOON series created by Hispanic, Latino and Latina creators. The series range from supernatural and romance to mystery and action, so there is something for everyone on this list. They will have you laughing, crying, swooning and on the edge of your seat. Our recommendation, spend the next month binging all of these. We promise you won’t be sorry. So grab your favorite fall drink and a warm blanket, and let’s dive in.

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We are kicking off this list with Míriam Bonastre Tur‘s Hooky! We’ve shared how much we love this series in the past, but we all know that we could go on for hours. The series follows Dani and Dorian, who miss the bus on their first day at the school of magic. Now, they need to find someone willing to teach them how to be good, if not great, witches. What drew me into the series was the fall vibes without all the spooky horror, making it perfect for this time of year. Plus, all of the characters will find a way into your heart.

You can read Hooky here!

Dani, Dorian and other members from the Hooky WEBTOON Original series.

Hooky WEBTOON Original Series.

Jackson’s Diary

Our second series is Paola Batalla‘s Jackson’s Diary. Set in 1989, Jackson is kicking off his senior year at a brand new school. As if being a senior and attending a new school wasn’t hard enough on its own, Jackson is also dealing with some ominous and uneasy feelings invading his mind. And then Jackson meets Exer, and his entire reality starts to feel like the work of his imagination. This is such a fantastic supernatural series, and honestly, setting it in 1989 is just the icing on the cake for me. And again, this is the perfect time of year to jump into this series.

You can read Jackson’s Diary here!

Jackson trying to read a book while some supernatual stuff is going on behind him.

Jackson’s Diary WEBTOON Original Series.

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The Kiss Bet

Romance series are perfect all year long, which is why I will never stop reading Ingrid Ochoa‘s The Kiss Bet. It’s wholesome, and moments are beyond swoon-worthy. The story follows Sara Lin, who is just trying to navigate her senior year. She’s got great friends, a cool Dad and a whole lot of great stuff ahead of her. But one little bet from her best friend Patrick reminds her that she still has a first kiss to worry about. And this challenge is either going to lead her to love, heartbreak or embarrassment. Or all three. And folx – it’s all three! This series always makes my little heart happy, and the side stories are worthy of their own series in the future.

You can read The Kiss Bet here!

Rose, Vicky, Patrick, Sara, Oliver, Joe, Tammy and Sklyer standing in front of a chalkboard.

The Kiss Bet WEBTOON Original Series.

The Four of Them

Our next series for National Hispanic Heritage Month is Mai Hirshfeld‘s The Four of Them! We all know that high school is tough. But then comes getting crushed by your crush, the stress of coming out to your parents and then learning that your biggest dating rival is your own sister! It’s a lot to deal with, but thankfully, you’ve got friends to get through it. That’s why Johnny, Mariel, Gaby and Martina have banded together to make it through their teenage years one way or another. Don’t let the drama category fool you; this series is a sweet coming-of-age/coming-out story that will make your heart feel full.

You can read The Four of Them here!

Gaby, Mariel, Martina and Johnny standing next to each other.

The Four of Them WEBTOON Original Series.

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Señorita Cometa

This next series is packed with so much mystery that I was guaranteed to fall in love. In Arechan‘s Señorita Cometa, we are introduced to the crime-ridden city of Yoalco. Two mafia families run everything, and while the citizens still place their hopes in the police, Alex is taking justice into her own hands. And how does she do that? Becoming the Phantom Thief Cometa and uncovering a net of corruption and crime while trying to find her friend Lola. I found this series recently and spent the entire day getting caught up. It’s a great read, and the art style and color palette are terrific.

You can read Señorita Cometa here!

Alex sitting on a roof overtop the city.

Señorita Cometa WEBTOON Original Series.

Love Me to Death

We couldn’t celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month without talking about Toonimated‘s Love Me to Death. The series follows a lonely necromancer named Victor who brings the beautiful Mercedes back to life in return for a very generous reward. What he didn’t expect was the deep connection that develops between him and his “monster.” The series is beautiful, from the art to the characters and to the overall story. The world alone is worth exploring all on its own. And all of the Hispanic cultural references make it perfect for this celebration.

You can read Love Me to Death here!

Mercedes and Victor.

Love Me to Death WEBTOON Original Series.

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The Eagle and the Snake

We are shifting gears and pumping up the action with Angel Tovar‘s The Eagle and the Snake series. The story follows Abel and his crew, who pull off daring heists worldwide. It would be great if Abel could keep any of the money he took. Instead, it goes to the lords of crime who are holding his brother hostage. Things get worse when a dangerous woman enters his life and old debts come due. But how far will he go to save the only family he has left? This is another series that provides a beautiful representation of Hispanic culture. It also has some pretty exciting action sequences that will get your blood pumping.

You can read The Eagle and the Snake here!

Abel and his crew getting into action.

The Eagle and the Snake WEBTOON Original Series


Our second action series on this list is Komatsuki‘s MONOCHROME. The series follows retired vigilante Yagura, who is just trying to lead a peaceful life. Well, that’s too bad because not he finds himself trapped in a survival game. Yagura puts his retirement on hold to train a new group of heroes. But will it really pay to be a hero? There is just something about the lazy hero that is just so appealing. And Yagura fits the mold and then some. He wants the peaceful life we all dream about but knows when it’s time to stand up and fight. But we’ve got one crucial question – how does he keep his hair like that?

You can read Monochrome here!

Yagura and his fellow teammates.


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Lalin’s Curse

Our final series for National Hispanic Heritage Month is Isakytm‘s Lalin’s Curse. It is a supernatural phenomenon – no pun intended. David is a true believer who proudly searches for the existence of all things scary and mysterious. But things get really intense when proof of something terrifying lands on his doorstep. Now David and his best friend Felix need to uncover the truth on the cruse for the Curse of Lalin. What I have always loved about this series is how Isakytm blends art and animation to build this beautiful world. Plus, the story is the perfect blend of mystery and supernatural.

You can read Lalin’s Curse here!

David and Felix standing together.

Lalin’s Curse WEBTOON Original Series.

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