March is here, and it’s time to celebrate International Women’s Day. One such celebration is sharing ten more incredibly badass leading ladies we love in our WEBTOON series. From comedy to romance to mystery and more, the list of incredible characters goes on and on. If you don’t see your favorite leading lady on this list, we highly suggest checking out our list from 2022 and 2023. Which series will you start with first?

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Gwendolyn – Cursed Princess Club

Kicking off our list this year is our favorite awkward princess, Gwendolyn. LambCat‘s Cursed Princess Club has taught us that you don’t have to be beautiful or be Disney-quality to deserve love, friends and a happily ever after. All of the princesses in this series are worth loving and incredible, but it’s Gwendolyn who wins our hearts. She’s got spunk, charm, and class and provides lots of laughs. We can’t help but want all of our future princesses to embody everything she brings to her kingdom.

Check out Cursed Princess Club here!

Gwendolyn waking up in bed with little creatures surrounding her.

Cursed Princess Club WEBTOON Original Series.

Davina – The Mafia Nanny

Our second leading lady on this list is the elite nanny herself, Davina. From the incredible minds of sh00 and Violet Matter comes The Mafia Nanny. Davina might have some mysteries of her own to unravel, but her main goal is to make sure her charge is safe and sound. Need someone quick on their feet? Call Davina. Have some cyber web sleuthing to do? Call Davina! Do you happen to have a young child trying to help his mafia father take over? Someone please call Davina. We promise this is a must-read story, and you shouldn’t wait any longer.

Check out The Mafia Nanny here!

Davina learning that her new job is with the Angelini family.

The Mafia Nanny WEBTOON Original Series.

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Morgana – Morgana and Oz

Miyuli‘s Morgana and Oz might have given us one of our favorite little witches in a WEBTOON. Morgana might not be the best witch, but she isn’t about to go down without a fight. Determined to find her place among her family and stop an all-out war between her family and the vampire clan, she has one hell of a mission ahead of her. Morgana is an incredible, leading lady and one that deserves the world.

Check out Morgana and Oz here!

Morgana looking at the dress she is supposed to wear to dinner.

Morgana and Oz WEBTOON Original Series.

Clove – SubZero

Our next leading lady in a WEBTOON series is Clove of Junepurrr‘s SubZero. She’s fiesty, but what would you expect of a dragon-wielding princess of a near-extinct Dragon clan? She has a lot to live for and fight against, so stepping aside and letting others make her choices isn’t an option. She will even go as far as to marry her sworn enemy to bring peace back to her land. The series is absolutely incredible, and Clove helps drive the story forward every step of the way.

Check out SubZero here!

Upclose shot of Clove looking determined.

SubZero WEBTOON Original Series.

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Shin-Ae – I Love Yoo

We can’t help but love Quimchee‘s I Love Yoo WEBTOON series. Which also means that Shin-Ae is high on our list of favorite leading ladies. Seriously, the girl is incredible. We can all understand her reaction to her entire life being turned upside down after ruining an unsuspecting stranger’s clothes. In fact, we side with her most of the time. But we love where this journey takes her, and only Shin-Ae can give us the incredible commentary that comes with the cards she has been dealt.

Check out I Love Yoo here!

Shin-Ae waiting to cross the street in the rain.

I Love Yoo WEBTOON Original Series.

Elaine – The Blind Prince

Our next leading lady is the cursed Elaine from Cozycroww‘s The Blind Prince. The mad woman talking to birds is about to learn what it means to leave the coop. Okay, bird jokes aside, Elaine is an incredible character. Locked away all her life due to her curse, she’s now on a journey to get home and rely on a Prince who is determined to get back his kingdom and his eyes. It’s an incredible story; we’ve fallen head over heels for Elaine.

Check out The Blind Prince here!

Elaine entering the evening ball.

The Blind Prince WEBTOON Original Series.

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Theresa – 21st Century Knights

Continuing the fantasy WEBTOON leading ladies, we have Theresa from Plastic Bottru‘s 21st Century Knights. The main goal of any Animas-wielding knight is to join the legendary Knight’s Order. And while that might be true for everyone else, Theresa has one goal: finding the white-haired knight. We love her willingness to do about anything to get to the bottom of all the secrets and lies that hold the world together. It’s an incredible series fit for an incredible lead.

Check out 21st Century Knights here!

Theresa fighting against another knight.

21st Century Knights WEBTOON Original Series.

Mila – Garden of the Dead Flowers

From fantasy to thriller, our next badass leading lady is Mila from Sero and Corbenyx‘s Garden of the Dead Flowers. What would you do if you woke up after being transported to the year 1940 and witnessed your very own grandfather committing a heinous murder? Honestly, we wouldn’t know where to start. Mila has a lot on her plate with being trapped in the past and dealing with this terrifying family secret. The series and Mila give us everything we love in a thriller WEBTOON series.

Check out Garden of the Dead Flowers here!

Mila falling down a dark hole.

Garden of the Dead Flowers WEBTOON Original Series.

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Bridget – Nonesuch

What happens when you and your significant other end up in a mysterious town where clones are trying to take over life? You kickass. And that is precisely what Bridget does in The Bitsy Artist‘s Nonesuch. The mystery/sci-fi/thriller WEBTOON series follows Bridget and Connor as they try to uncover the truth and find a way home. Bridget knows how to handle herself and faces off in true style. Personally, we can’t help but hope we get a TV series so that we can see Bridget’s sass come to life.

Check out Nonesuch here!

Bridget being asked by Connor about her upcoming knee surgery.

Nonesuch WEBTOON Original Series.

Neoma – High Spirits Neoma

Our final badass leading lady for this year is Oroor0’s Neoma from High Spirits Neoma. The supernatural Neoma uses her abilities to help humans and spirits alike. A move to a new town sparks some family secrets coming to the surface, and Neoma has quite a few ghosts to deal with. Not to mention, all her secrets are coming to call. She is an incredible lead, and we are excited to see where her story goes from here.

Check out High Spirits Neoma here!

Neoma trying to stay positive while walking through her school.

High Spirits Neoma WEBTOON Original Series.

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