Welcome to Tavern Talk Thursday! We are expanding! What started as a column dedicated to chatting with members of the TTRPG community is growing to talk about all things TTRPG. We aim to continue sharing all the things we love about the community and all the content within. So, consider this a little peek into our favorite worlds and creators as we explore everything we love.

Sometimes, we want to play out an adventure; sometimes, we just want to enjoy reading about someone else’s. And what better way than to dive into a new WEBTOON series? Whether it’s action, romance or supernatural stories, we have some that are sure to fill the adventure need. Come settle in by the fire as we dive into five more WEBTOON series worthy of adventure.

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WEBTOON Series Built for Adventure

Of Swamp & Sea

Our first series is guaranteed to satisfy supernatural TTRPG lovers. Mia Jay Boulton and Laurel Boulton‘s Of Swamp & Sea takes readers on a wild ride after two strangers meet under mysterious magical circumstances. Jonah and Mercy are incredible characters to follow, and we invest heavily in their well-being. This story works so well because of the attention to detail in the world. If anyone wants to create a campaign setting for this world, let us know.

Of Swamp & Sea can be read here!

Jonah and Mercy in Of Swamp & Sea Webtoon.

Of Swamp & Sea WEBTOON Original Series.


Continuing on the supernatural/fantasy train, we have OHKATESEMPYREA. We have Guardians and their Knights, terrifying Keres, and a world full of secrets mixed together with a steampunk aesthetic. Believe us when we say we love Hawk, but we would die to protect Kira. Watching them navigate this world and uncover its secrets reminds us of being at the table, solving puzzles and uncovering mysteries.

EMPYREA can be read here!

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The Secrets of Soulford

If heavy fantasy TTRPGs are your jam, we suggest checking out The Secrets of Soulford by The Quincil. The series is set in an epic fantasy world and follows Gan Ainm, who wants to be anything except the main character. The mix of fantasy and romance flows beautifully as Gan is forced on an adventure she never asked for. Then, add in the supporting cast and subplots, and we promise this will be a series you won’t be able to forget.

The Secrets of Soulford can be read here!

The Secrets of Soulford Webtoon Series.

The Secrets of Soulford WEBTOON Canvas Series.

Dungeons & Dentists

Our next WEBTOON series literally has “dungeon” in the name. Tricia Rose‘s Dungeons & Dentists follows pediatric dentist Sandy Smyles as she tackles one cavity after another. Then, enter the giant green jerk with a plan to conquer the world. Real orc? Or spectacular cosplay? How about both? It’s all laughs and hits all the fun TTRPG-feels while still feeling unique. The series is new on our list but definitely worth checking out.

Dungeons & Dentists can be read here!

Mage and Mimic

The final WEBTOON series on our list is Feathermage‘s Mage and Mimic. What happens when you are tired of being stuck in a dirty, dingy dungeon? You follow in Muir the Mimic’s footsteps and hitch your wagon to a traveling mage. The series is new to WEBTOON but has had us hooked since chapter one. Plus, it’s even got us thinking of how we can bring Muir to life in our own campaigns. We can’t wait to see where this tale goes, and you shouldn’t waste any more time waiting to check it out.

Mage and Mimic can be read here!

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