Today Webtoon announced that they have partnered with Rewriting Extinction to help support seven charitable projects tackling biodiversity loss and the climate crisis. Working side by side, Webtoon will adapt select Rewriting Extinction comics for the platform! They will also develop a series of brand new comics by fellow Webtoon creators to raise money and visibility for the projects funded by Rewriting Extinction, all with an aim to save as many species as possible!

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Rewriting Extinction’s seven projects include Born Free, Wildlife Trusts, World Land Trust, Rewilding Europe, Greenpeace, Re:Wild and Reserva. It is a 12-month storytelling campaign that has united 300 celebrities, experts, activists, indigenous leaders and storytellers. Together they have created over 150 dynamic comic stories that feature environmental themes. They have worked alongside Andy Serkis, Cara Delevingne, Dacre Montgomery, Dominic Monaghan, Jerome Flynn, Lucy Lawless, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Taika Waititi, just to name a few.

The partnership will kick off on November 29, 2021! All of the comics will be accessible for free, with crucial information about where to support these projects. Rewriting Extinction’s founder, Paul Goodenough, shared that “Webtoon as a platform is an astounding vehicle, but key to my love for Webtoon is that the vehicle is driven by courteous, kind and caring people. It’s every comic creator’s dream to work with Webtoon – and together we’ll be able to do more good, and reach more people, than ever before.”

It is no surprise to us that Webtoon has joined in on this partnership. The platform has a massive following and brings in readers from around the world. It makes me happy that they would use their popularity for such an amazing cause. David Lee, head of content at Webtoon Entertainment US shared, “Rewriting Extinction’s mission to creatively address biodiversity and the climate crisis is innovative and inspiring, and one of that resonates with many of Webtoon’s passionate and purpose-driven readers and creators.” And I have to say, as one of those purpose-drive readers, I 100% agree.

You can learn more about Rewriting Extinction on their official site and read their comics on Twitter and Facebook. You can also preorder their upcoming book, The Most Important Comic Book on Earth: Stories to Save the World! It is packed with inspirational tales with a foreword by Scott Snyder. It will be released in the UK on October 28, 2021, and in the US on November 2, 2021. Check back in as more information is released! What do you think of this partnership? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

Message surrounding the partnership between Rewriting Extinction and Webtoon.

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