Another year has come to an end and in the world of WEBTOON TV adaptations, it was a great one! We got to see Yumi’s Cells, True Beauty, Hellbound and so many more. Plus, we got announcements for series that are expected to make the jump in the coming year, including Lore Olympus and All of Us Are Dead! So as we look forward to 2022, I want to happen in the new year. The first is to read more WEBTOONs. The second is to see some of my favorite ones get their own TV adaptation for us to enjoy. So, without further ado, here is a list of the five WEBTOON originals I would love to see get a TV adaptation in 2022.

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Midnight Poppy Land

Midnight Poppy Land WEBTOON Original Series

Midnight Poppy Land WEBTOON Original Series.

I couldn’t have a list of WEBTOON series that I wanted to be adapted and not include Lilydusk‘s Midnight Poppy Land! The romance series features some of my favorite themes and tropes and Tora. Yes, that’s it. For me, the selling point is that big, burly and too hot for his own good mafia bodyguard Tora. Romance series can be a dime a dozen sometimes, but the uniqueness of Tora and Poppy’s relationship and the sass between them makes this series a must-read and eventual must-watch in my book. And if Tora doesn’t sell it to you, think of all the mystery we could enjoy!

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Clove sitting with members of the Azure Clan and Kharis discussing the possibility of marriage.

SubZero WEBTOON Original Series.

The second series on my TV adaptation wish list is Junepurrr‘s SubZero! The fantasy world that Junepurrr has built over the series is one I would love to visit someday. Maybe not live in because you know wars, assassins and royalty that can turn into dragons, but definitely visit. I would love a high fantasy series that gives equal time to worldbuilding and character development. Plus, with the attention that Junepurrr gives to all of her characters, we are sure to get a series packed with exciting dialogue and character interaction. I am going to need this to happen and soon.

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Of Swamp & Sea

Jonah and Mercy in Of Swamp & Sea Webtoon.

Of Swamp & Sea WEBTOON Original Series.

My favorite WEBTOON from 2021 is Mia Jay Boulton and Laurel Boulton‘s Of Swamp & Sea, so clearly, I need it to be adapted into a TV series. We know how the world feels about a certain monster hunter, but I promise you will find quite a lot to love in Jonah. The WEBTOON lives within the supernatural genre but has heavy hints of fantasy and romance. Imagine the exciting fight scenes they could bring to the screen. And while I would love a live-action adaptation, I actually think an animated series would work better. It could keep their style and allow them to really bring the fantasy elements to life.

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Third Shift Society

Ellie and Ichabod going against a supernatural creature in Third Shift Society.

Third Shift Society WEBTOON Original Series.

The second supernatural WEBTOON series on my list is Meredith Moriarty‘s Third Shift Society. And I won’t lie, a significant reason I would love to see this series adapted is because I want someone to wear a pumpkin head. But just imagine a supernatural monster-hunting duo with secrets, mystery and tons of suspense. And Ichabod wearing a pumpkin head! I really love the banter between Ellie and Ichabod as they investigate their supernatural cases. Each episode could focus on a new case while also giving us peeks into the overall story as well. Maybe, just maybe, it will fill the Supernatural hole in our hearts.

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Purple Hyacinth

Lauren Sinclair in pursuit of a criminal.

Purple Hyacinth WEBTOON Original Series.

Did you think I would forget to mention Ephemerys and Sophism‘s Purple Hyacinth? I have wanted to see this series to get a TV adaptation since the first chapter dropped back in 2019. There is a reason it is within the mystery genre on WEBTOON and that it reigns supreme. And that reason is Kym. All jokes aside, this series is fantastic. Ephemerys and Sophism have given us a beautiful world, complex and investing characters and sass. All the sass. I would love to see the banter between Lauren and Kieran. Getting this series would make my entire year.

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