Late last week, WEBTOON dropped some exciting news for fans of the highly popular webcomics app and fans of KRAFTON’s PUBG: Battlegrounds. The two companies have partnered together to create three epic adventure web series that launched on January 29, 2022. The three series include The Retreats, Night of Silence and 100. Each series is set in the universe of PUBG: Battlegrounds and features its battle royale themes.

The first collab series, The Retreats, is set in the distant future where people live in the Retreats, otherwise known as Paradise on Earth. Their plush life is only made possible because the impoverished underclass in the surrounding slums of Brine must fight in the dreaded Battlegrounds for a shot at becoming a Retreats Citizen. Sound familiar, right? The story follows Brine resident John Canty, whose father and grandfather died in the Battlegrounds. The idea of winning the Battlegrounds and becoming a member of the Retreats seems like a pipedream until he meets a boy named Edward, who looks identical to his son Gable.

The Retreats is written by Hyungwook Shin with art by Sunhee Kim. You can read the series here!

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The second series, Night of Silence, follows Leah when she returns to her small town after several years of being away. She expects to find a warm welcoming but instead finds her father dead. The police rule his death a suicide, but the longer she hangs around, the more she suspects that something isn’t right. Her suspicions worsen when she finds a book her father was writing called Battlegrounds. However, a ton of pages are missing and the more questions Leah asks, the more the townspeople start doing everything they can to hide her from the truth.

Night of Silence is written by Dongwoo Han with art by Q-Ha. You can read the series here!

The final series, 100, follows Hoyoung Cheon. Armed with only a gun and a frying pan, he must survive the Battlegrounds, a battle-royale style game with 100 death-row convict participants where only one can win. But surviving isn’t the only goal that Hoyoung has. He must find an assemblyman who was captured while investigating the game and is now an unwilling participant. Can Hoyoung complete his mission, survive against 99 other deadly participants and emerge the last man standing?

100 is written by Hyeong Eun with art by Yunyeol Choi. You can read the series here!

We are excited to dive into these WEBTOON x KRAFTON series! The mere idea of telling stories within this world has us on the edge of our seats. The idea that we are getting a horror-filled story set that ties into the franchise have us jumping for joy. What do you think of the series? Which one caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!




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