One of my favorite memes just so happens to be the “Why not both?” one born from the Old El Paso commercial. And this latest Webtoon news has me just quoting this and jumping for joy. DC and Webtoon have come together to form a partnership that will produce several upcoming webcomic series set within DC’s vast universe.

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I’ll let that sink in for you. Good? Now let’s get hype! The standalone series will introduce Webtoon’s vast amount of readers to the fantastic world of DC. In a statement from DC General Manager Daniel Cherry III, he shared how excited they are to be working with the writers and artists at Webtoons as they have been adapting their stories for Webtoon’s mobile scrolling format.

There is no statement on who will be working on these projects or what characters from DC we will be seeing, but I am sure we will get more news in the upcoming weeks. They have also promised to update readers on how they will be handling local language translations for those who want to read the series in another language.

So, who do I want to see? One word comes to mind when I think about this collaboration and that is representation. Of course, I’d love a Batman or Superman story. But this is such an amazing opportunity for DC to show how diverse their franchise can really be. Let’s dive into Tatsu Yamashiro. Or how about John Stewart’s Green Lantern! We could even do Yara Flor! Still want to see the Batfamily? Then how about a story on Cassandra Cain as Batgirl?

Regardless just getting this collaboration between DC and Webtoon is enough to be happy about! We will keep our eyes out for any upcoming news on who will be working on them and what series we will see. Who is your top pick? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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