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Remember in the Pilot for CW’s new hit series, The Flash, when Clyde Mardon discovered he could control the weather? It’s how the Flash first started to figure out how to use his powers but in the end, Detective Joe West had to shoot Clyde?

Well his brother is back for revenge now and he, by all accounts, seems far more powerful in his ability to control the weather.

Also, in speaking about the episode that airs tonight, titled “Out of Time,” Kreisberg said,

With no disrespect to any of the other directors or episodes we’ve produced, I think this is the best episode that we’ve done. I think it’s everything that The Flash can do — and I don’ mean Barry Allen as a hero, I mean as a TV show — this episode delivers in spades. It’s got amazing visual effects that you just don’t see on television. It’s full of heart, it’s full of romance, it’s full of genuine scares and it’s the best episode of this show. Between this and Arrow, there’s only a handful of episodes amongst ourselves that we kind of say that about and I definitely think this is it.”

For a show that’s been so consistently good and consistently fun right out of the gate, hearing them say this about an episode should get everyone excited.

LIAM MCINTYRE GUEST STARS AS THE WEATHER WIZARD; CISCO REALIZES DR.WELLS IS HIDING SOMETHING — Mark Mardon aka The Weather Wizard (guest star Liam McIntyre) appears in Central City intent on avenging his brother Clyde’s death, and sets his sightson Joe (Jesse L. Martin), who shot Clyde. When Mardon attacks Joe and Barry (Grant Gustin), Barry is able to super-speed them to safety but Mardon gets away. Barry warns Joe not to go after ameta-human alone but Joe doesn’t listen and ends up in grave danger. Meanwhile, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) looks into the night the team captured the Reverse Flash and realizes something doesn’t addup and begins to wonder whether Joe was right about Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh). Barry and Linda(guest star Malese Jow) end up on an awkward double date with Eddie (Rick Cosnett) and Iris (Candice Patton). Thor Freudenthal directed the episode written by Todd Helbing & Aaron Helbing (#115).

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