It’s unclear why at this point, but Netflix is playing it very close to the chest with their upcoming Marvel series, The Punisher, which will see Jon Bernthal reprising his role from Daredevil season two. We know that the series is scheduled to come out this year, but with only three months left, all we’ve got is a teaser, a trailer, and some interviews. That’s been plenty to get the Marvel fandom all excited, but what’s driving everybody crazy is their outright refusal, thus far at least, to commit to a release date for the series.

Some rumors from a couple months ago had the series being released in November. These were started by an actor putting a picture on Instagram of a poster claiming a November release and by a director who, in an interview, also claimed a November release. Netflix did not comment on these dates then, though they did have the actor take their post down. So up to now, even with the teasers and trailers, there’s been no confirmed release date for the series about the war vet turned violent vigilante.

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That continues to today; however, today brings with it new evidence for our jury of nerds to consider. Over on Reddit, a user uploaded a picture from magazine, Total Film, declaring an October 13th release date.

That’s right, October, Friday the 13th.

If this release date turns out to be true, it would be a full month earlier than previously anticipated by the rumors. That being said, just because the date appeared in a magazine does not necessarily make it true. Until we hear the date directly from Netflix or Marvel, we are withholding our excitement.

However, in lieu of the remaining releases this year, that date makes sense. It’s a week after New York Comic Con, where they can get people even more excited with immediate word-of-mouth. Not to mention, the Halloween release of Stranger Things season two is still a full two weeks away, giving this series room to breathe. November also has some stuff cinematic competition with the November 4th release of Thor: Ragnarok and the November 17th release of Justice League. Punisher will have already been out for a full month by that point, plenty of time to get audiences through the binge train.

In fact, looking at the schedule, October 13th is the only date that actually makes sense.

So, fingers crossed for an October release because, if that’s the case, we’ve only got three more weeks to wait!

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