Disney’s Encanto follows the Madrigal family and their magical powers. It is a Disney children’s movie full of catchy music and songs. One of the breakout songs that many parents have admitted to having on repeat in their house: “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame wrote the score.

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The original film song combines genres, from salsa to hip hop to guajira and Cuban folk. It is very catchy. There are layers to the music and multiple storylines overlaid in the lyrics. It tells why the family does not talk about Bruno (voiced by John Leguizamo). And they paint a pretty villainous picture of Bruno.

Who is Bruno? Bruno is the uncle ostracized from the family for his prophecies. His gift is considered bad luck or ill fortune to those that listen to him. And memories of Bruno’s words bring pain to people, which is why we don’t talk about Bruno.

Not a word about Bruno Pluto…

Similarly, the science community has one topic that nobody likes discussing. In 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) deemed Pluto a dwarf planet. This demotion means they no longer accept it as a planet of the greater solar system. Losing Pluto messed with (and continues to be a sore spot for) thousands of people. This loss is especially true for millennials who were schooling in the middle of the change.

Outrage over Pluto’s status can be found all over the internet. Now there is a catchy parody, thanks to Jon Pumper. Dressing in various characters from across the Pluto divide, Pumper sings of the tragic demise of Earth’s favorite former planet.

Watch We Don’t Talk About Pluto below! How painful is Pluto’s dwarf planet status to you? Or do you fall on the side of the IAU in the mass size vs. planet argument?

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