Earpers, you’ve probably heard the news travel through the internet grapevine. Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock. In that case, I applaud you for committing to the unplugged, off-the-grid lifestyle. Wynonna Earpour little sh*tshow that could, may be in danger. Production on Season 4 has ground to a halt, and the series is currently in limbo. Now, I have all the faith in the world that we’ll see Season 4. I also wholeheartedly believe that we Earpers can move mountains if need be. 

Below, I’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why I believe Wynonna Earp should live to fight another day. You know, in case the internet needs more evidence that this series is in a league of its own. 

1. The story is a unique modernized “cousin” of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I don’t know about you, but I could draw parallels to Joss Whedon‘s cult classic right off the bat. Wynonna Earp has a witty protagonist in the revenant slayer of the same name (Melanie Scrofano), just as Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) possessed that same dry sense of humor as the Chosen One. Each leading lady bore a destiny laden with monster slaying. You have the love triangle between Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon), Agent Dolls (Shamier Anderson) and Wynonna. Buffy the Vampire Slayer also had the love triangle between Spike (James Marsters), Angel (David Boreanaz) and Buffy. A heartfelt romance in WayHaught – Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell).

Of course, lest we forget, Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan) and Tara Maclay (Amber Benson) were a much loved coupling of the early 2000s. They broke television barriers and paved the way for WayHaught. I wrote a whole series of character comparisons between the two fantasy series entitled “Wynonna Wednesdays.” Read them all here, Earpers. 

2. Wynonna Earp is very inclusive on the LGBTQIA+ front 

Pictured: Katherine Barrell as Nicole Haught and Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp, syfy.com

Love is love is love is love. WayHaught has inspired so many people to love without inhibitions. To love who they love, regardless of societal pressures. To live their truth wholeheartedly. We need representation like this to become more common in media, and while we’ve made great strides in this arena since Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s heyday, Wynonna Earp‘s continued presence is necessary where LGBTQIA+ inclusivity is concerned. Marginalized groups have found a strong voice and ally in Wynonna Earp

3. Strong women are in abundance in Purgatory 

We are women – hear us roar! Emily Andras has made damn sure that women are leading the charge on Wynonna Earp. What I love most about the strong female characters in this series is that they’re complicated, flawed and incredibly multi-faceted. They represent multiple variations of strength – Wynonna has enhanced physical strength due to the Earp curse, as well as emotional fortitude. Waverly is morally and mentally strong. Nicole is physically and emotionally strong. They work in tandem as one, never pitted against each other the way the media so often does in real life. Wynonna, Waverly and Nicole incessantly lift each other up, fixing each other’s “crowns” as it were. We so desperately need this in our entertainment. 

4. Top-notch performances from the cast 

Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp, syfy.com

Now, this show is rife with outstanding performances from the cast. Scrofano is a knock-out, injecting Wynonna with so many layers. Every time I think Scrofano can’t outdo herself, she surprises me with another flawless performance that raises the bar. Rozon portrays Doc as the reformed “bad guy,” his love of the Earps is that which keeps him grounded in morality. He imbues Doc with subtle nuances, allowing the dialogue to really stand out on its own.

Another heavy-hitter is recurring guest star Michael Eklund, who plays the revenant we love to hate Bobo Del Rey. He oozes charisma while simultaneously spewing venom and malice. He’s also adept at playing with the dialogue. Provost-Chalkley is really the beating heart of the series, as Waverly wears her heart on her sleeve, endearing us to her. In short – this show is the cream of the crop where acting is concerned. 

5. Yes, the cast really are as wonderful as they seem 

If you’re not following the Wynonna Earp cast on social media, you should remedy that right now. Most celebrities don’t engage that much with their followers, but this cast is the exception. Most notably I’ve seen Scrofano, Rozon, Andras and Barrell leading the charge in that regard. Now, more than ever, we’ve seen just how grateful this cast is for us Earpers. As we all fight for Wynonna Earp, we’ve seen the tables turn as Earpers are being heavily supported by the cast. They are our biggest fans, and it’s rare to find a show with cast members who really are so grateful and humbled by their fanbase. Also, we want them to continue to have jobs – they’re people just like us. 

6. It’s a champion of mental health

“I’m here and I stay” has become a rallying phrase for those struggling with mental health issues. Every single one of us is deserving of love and support, and Wynonna Earp is a sh*tshow chock full of that. Andras and Scrofano have especially made sure to voice their support for their fans on social media. To state how important, loved and cherished we all are. Mental health is something that should never be disregarded, as it’s directly linked to our physical health. We are here and we stay.

7. Wynonna Earp has a loyal following in the form of Earpers 

Pictured: Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday, syfy.com

While our show has a small following, it’s certainly the most loyal one I’ve ever seen. Remember that time Wynonna Earp won a People’s Choice Award? Earpers are relentless in the best way possible. Not to mention, Earpers are incredibly supportive and encouraging of each other, which is a rare thing in fanbases. All too often we see fans of shows bicker and belittle other members. Obviously, this tarnishes said shows from an outside perspective. Wynonna Earp‘s following is respectful, courteous and always welcoming newcomers with open arms. It’s the Earper way. 

8. Each season is better than the last 

Now, this isn’t an overstatement in the slightest. As someone who’s rewatched Wynonna Earp from the beginning to the end of Season 3, I can safely say that every aspect has improved. The writing, the performances, the special effects – everything. Just when I think the show couldn’t possibly top itself, it does. Andras and co. have managed to keep the story fresh and innovative with each season. Cliffhangers abound, but no cliffhanger has kept me chomping at the bit more than the Season 3 finale. Oh, boy. That one was a doozy. Give the people what they want – more opportunities to improve, more chances to “wow” the world with beautiful storytelling. 

9. It sends a positive message 

Wynonna Earp is one of the most positive, if not the most positive shows on the planet. Not hyperbole. So much love is injected into each Earp sisters scene, each WayHaught scene and every time our favorite Black Badge members lift each other up. We feel like we’re part of the story, part of their family. Wynonna Earp teaches us to love without inhibitions. That it’s not selfish to take care of ourselves, especially our minds. To stand strong and fight the good fight, even when the odds are stacked against us. That humor isn’t always a defense mechanism, but a way of keeping our spirits up in times of strife. Tacos are tasty, and whiskey and doughnuts are the perfect pairing. We Earpers are proud recipients of these positive messages. 

10. There’s more story to tell 

If you thought Season 3 was wrapped in a tiny, neat bow then you’re sadly mistaken. While the Season 3 plot itself was resolved, the finale ended on the biggest cliffhanger of the series to date. Waverly getting sucked into the Garden of Eden, followed by Doc hastily jumping over the threshold to save her? Every single resident of Purgatory vanishing, save Wynonna and Nedley (Greg Lawson)? That’s some Thanos stuff right there. How in the world will Wynonna find everyone? How will Doc and Waverly return from the Garden? What exactly is in the Garden, now that the Serpent (Bulshar) is no more?

So many questions! This series must be granted the chance to live another day, to give us the Season 4 we so desperately crave. A lot of loose ends would be left untied if otherwise. And I despise loose ends, much like every other rational human being. 


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Well, I could certainly list more reasons, but we might be here awhile if I do. Wynonna Earp is a show that needs to be on television, and I know a lot of people would agree with me. It’s saved so many lives and encouraged people to live their respective truths. We Earpers will not go down without a fight. Fighting for Wynonna Earp is the least we can do. We are here and we stay. 





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