Paramount Pictures acquired Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children series of novellas in what’s been described as an “aggressive pursuit,” Deadline reported on July 29. The announcement revealed that Paramount’s Motion Picture Group presidenthas had her eye on the series for some time and was hands-on in making sure the studio landed the rights.” They’re ultimately planning a franchise based on the universe and characters. 

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The Wayward Children series started in 2016 with Every Heart a Doorway. There are currently six volumes, with a seventh scheduled for release in early 2022. The series takes place at Eleanor West’s School for Wayward Children. It’s a boarding school for children who couldn’t adjust to their old lives after returning from other worlds.

The installations focus on different children, both in the real world and their “doorway” world, and what happens to those who didn’t want to come back.

Every Heart a Doorway won the Nebula, Alex, Locus and Hugo awards. The other books in the series received numerous awards as well. Author Seanan McGuire is a prolific writer outside of the Wayward Children novellas. She’s written more than 50 novels and Spider-Gwen and X-Men comics for Marvel and tie-ins for Star Wars and Alien.

This latest adaptation news comes a few years after SyFy and Legendary Television initially picked up the series for the small screen back in March of 2019. The producer attached to the project is Pouya Shahbazian, who’s currently working on Shadow and Bone and Love, Victor. His previous projects include the Divergent franchise and American Honey.

I am so excited to see this series come to life! There’s plenty of time to catch up on every novella in preparation as there’s no release date yet. What are your hopes for the Wayward Children adaptation?

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