A Watchmen series is truly coming. We had heard rumors of an HBO show in development focused on the acclaimed comic series. Then we had heard that producer Damon Lindelof was attached to bring the story to the small screen. News has been quiet from that camp until today when an image appeared on Instagram.

Lindelof posted a photo on his Instagram that fans will recognize. It’s the feet of the statue that the original Nite Owl received as a reward for his many years of service. His caption only said “Day One.” And with that, pre-production on the series has begun.

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We had heard of Lindelof’s attachment back in June. But he addressed the rumors in July saying that he wasn’t attached to the project. Even going so far as to say he hadn’t had any meetings with HBO about the series. But it appears that meetings did happen and the series he’s been so vocal about will be under his guided hand.

What do you think about a redemption for Watchmen? Do you think Lindelof is up to the challenge? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Watchmen news. There is currently no release date for the Watchmen TV series.

Day One.

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