It was Z vs. Z.

Spock vs. Uhura

Zachary Quinto vs Zoe Saldana

And it was awesome. Both Quinto and Saldana brought their A-Game to Spike’s Lip Sync Battle and then just had fun. The first video has Saldana singing TLC’s No Scrubs and then guess what? TLC shows up. It also has Quinto singing Missy Elliot’s Get Ur Freak On to wonderful effect.

In the second video, Quinto does a great George Michael and sings Michael’s hit Freedom. Cindy Crawford shows up in this number in a bathtub just as she did in the original video. And I’ll just say, I don’t now if she’s drinking baby blood or something because she has not aged. She looks amazing.

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Saldana definitely wins when it comes to dancing and Quinto did a great job on commiting to character and they both looked like they were having a blast. All and all, a super fun episode and great marketing for Star Trek Beyond which opens July 22nd.

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