IGN just released a “world premiere” clips of Wonder Woman and they’re great. Only a minute long each, it gives us a great look at some of the fight choreography along with the humor. The movie is bound to be filled to the brim with action!

The first clip shows General Erich Ludendorff played by Danny Huston on what’s seemingly a German base keeping watch. A soldier who’s with him is thrown from the tower and Wonder Woman takes his place, sword at the ready. Ludendorff looks nervous but gains his confidence once more saying he has something else to attend to. He raises his gun to Wonder Woman and shoots but she deflects it. Such an accurate deflection that it goes right back into his own gun and it’s destroyed. We’re then treated to the “Who are you?” line exchange before the fight breaks out between them. 

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They’re pretty evenly matched with both parties getting hits in. Ludendorff is much stronger than an average man as he’s able to throw large heavy objects like it’s nothing. He’s also able to punch her sword out of her hand! Lundendorff does gain the upper hand and tells her he’s still no match for her. He’s stopped when Wonder Woman catches a sword thrust in her hands and replies “we’ll see about that.”

The second clip shows Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine under interogation. He’s bound by the lasso of truth and is forcibly spilling his guts. While the Amazonians around him are all serious and glaring, Trevor manages to keep the mood light, talking about how the lasso is “really hot”. And though he tries his best to fight it, he admits that he’s a spy. Yelling it, even. Poor Trevor. He does his best to warn the Amazonians but they just want to know his mission. And they certainly get their answer.

What do you think of the clips? Check them out and let us know. Wonder Woman will be in theaters June 2nd. 


Erin Lynch