Saying goodbye is never easy.  Especially for members of The Walking Dead cast.  But they always seem to find a way to smile.  Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln sent a special message to his on-screen son Carl aka Chandler Riggs in a lighthearted song that he wrote for “Coral.”  The video surfaced on The Walking Dead twitter just days before the season 8 mid-season return.

The episode titled “Honor” will focus on Carl Grimes’ journey before his impending death. Carl was bitten by a walker in episode six while trying to help clear out a group of walkers in the woods. Carl revealed the bite in the mid-season finale. 

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Lincoln sounded as if he was going to sing a sad song as he starts the video saying, “On the plus side, I’m never gonna have to say ‘Carl’ again. The minuses far outweigh the pluses.” He immediately puts a smile on your face when he belts out Chandler’s name followed by “Oo La La”.   The song does end with a simple, “I miss you.”  He actually has a lovely voice. Check out the video below.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday February 25 on AMC.  


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