It’s Monday…again.  Take a cookie break with Cookie Monster and the new parody video, SESAME STREET: THE WALKING GINGERBREAD. Yes, that’s right. Sesame Street takes on the AMC hit show, The Walking Dead with their delicious version of walkers…The Crumbies. In this video, the Crumbies are eating all the cookies. Cookie Monster, or as he’s known here Sheriff Lick, is just beside himself! Even the birds are eating the cookies!

Sesame Street The Walking Gingerbread,

You know the walking gingerbread are near when you hear, “nommie, nommie.” Muppet Daryl aka Dough Roll and Muppet Michonne aka Macaroon, come to the rescue! Macaroon says they are Crumbies and they are eating all of the cookies. The only way to keep the cookies safe is to not open the box. That’s going to be so hard for Cookie Monster. They run to the “Cookie Safe Zone” and the Governor tells them to dance to stop eating cookies. 

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Does it work? Can Cookie Monster stop thinking about cookies? Watch the video below to find out what happens!


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