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Get ready Superman nerds!

Filming for the second season of Supergirl, now on CW, is well underway. In that second season we finally get to meet her big cousin, Superman, aka Clark Kent. But with the video we’ve got a look at today, it looks like Supes is doing a lot more than simply visiting Kara — he’s got a villain to face down!

In the video, posted by twitter user @Skysosmrt we see Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin, throwing punches with a villain who has what appears to be Kryptonite in his chest. Our guess is that he’s fighting Metallo, a cyborg known for his Kryptonite power source who typically goes by John Corben. He is certainly one of Superman’s more deadly foes as the Man of Steel has to get close to hit him, but this brings him right up against the one thing that can kill him. Moreover, the longer he’s around Kryptonite, the weaker he becomes — against a super strong cyborg like Metallo, that’s a tricky fight.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that this isn’t Metallo, but is some other villain — but c’mon, it’s totally Metallo.

Skysosmrt also shared a few pics she took, which we’ve embedded below.

Then, if that video wasn’t enough, we’ve also got this tweet from @prettyamazing who caught a pretty iconic moment for SupermanClark Kent ripping his shirt open to reveal the iconic red and yellow S on his chest as he whooshes off to go save some poor soul.

And, finally, we’ve got the CW’s first hero, Oliver Queen, aka The Green Arrow, in his first pic with Superman. Well, it’s sorta their first pic — it’s Stephen Amell, the actor, out of costume, chilling with the big guy.

You’ll never believe who I ran into today…

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