~Jenna Busch / Legion of Leia

Downton Abbey and Star Wars fans! Wait until you see this! Rob-James Collier who plays Thomas Barrow on the show has made you the best thing ever. It’s a video filmed with only his iPhone during downtime on the Downton Abbey set called Downton Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Valet. Why has this magic happened, you ask? Collier is trying to raise money for the Chilterns MS Centre in the UK and will be running in the London Marathon to do so. The video has been doing well, and Collier has passed his £10,000.00 goal, but the more the better! This is part one. If you want to see part two, head over to EvilButler.com to donate!

Collier’s castmates Joanne Froggatt (Anna) and Brendan Coyle (Bates) discuss whether or not capes are cool. Thomas has a lightsaber. Jim Carter (Carson) leaps through a doorway. This video is everything. EVERYTHING!

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