Bastion Ganymede

Ever wonder where Bastion came from?  Curious as to how he ended up with Overwatch?  More importantly, want to know more about that forest skin with him covered in plants and a tiny, yellow, flying friend?

Wonder no more.  Blizzard has answered all your questions in their latest animated short, The Last Bastion.


Okay, maybe not all your questions but some.  We know where he came from, how he learned to “talk” (his beeping), he suffers from PTSD, and bounces between gentle and kill all the things status.

He may not even be a he, maybe a she?  I’ve always referred to Bastion as a he, but maybe that is the wrong identifier.  Anyway, I digress.

I’ve always wondered why Bastion beeps the way he does, almost sounds like chirping in game sometimes.  I no longer wonder, and Ganymede,, the little yellow bird, is coming this fall as a plushie you can take home.

Based on the Blizzard Gamescom Preview talk and release of the new map, the forest is the Black Forest in Germany.  The battle Bastion fell in was the battle of Eichenwalde during the Omnic Crisis.  Somewhere in that forest where Bastion awoke is the new map due out next month.

The best part, seeing Crusaders fighting and, I’m assuming, the one prominently showed during the short is Reinhardt.  It’s heartbreaking to know many people, including the high ranking officers of the Crusaders, did not make it out of that battle.

Frankly, the entire short is heartbreaking.  It seems like most stories in Overwatch have you trying to find that damn onion that’s being cut. It’s not a shiny happy world and our heroes are not well adjusted happy people.  Everything I learn leads to more questions and has me wishing the lore would unfold just a bit faster.


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