Star Trek: Picard is only a week away.  CBS All Access has treated us with an extended clip from the first season of the series.  It’s not much to wag your tail at, but it’s a little bit of the new Picard (Patrick Stewart) that we can all enjoy.  They’ve also released a promo that gives you some of the old, intense Picard that we’ve come to love!  Everybody wins! 

The clip from the series shows us what has become of Jean-Luc.  He’s living a pastoral life with his new doggie Number One on his family’s vineyard in France.  What could go wrong?  What could possibly interrupt this perfect, quiet, peaceful existence?  There is absolutely nothing that could rip this sweet old man and his dog from their beautiful, serene earth-bound contentment.  Oh, wait.

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The promo gives us a speech and adventure that are in direct contrast to the clip.  The message is clear.  Jean-Luc has moved on.  He’s not the man we knew.  But, he has all of the passion and intensity necessary to be the man we need.  Let’s do this.  

Star Trek: Picard premieres on CBS All Access January 23rd.  

source: Gizmodo


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