We’ve posted about Youtube users Huxley-Berg Studios before; and with good reason.  They rock Lego remakes.  Well, they’ve done it again.

Behold!…  A shot-for-shot remake of the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer done totally in Legos!

This thing can’t be beat.  Everybody loves Legos.  Okay, everybody that’s a human being loves Legos.  And, the popularity of Spider-Man can’t be contested.  This is, what… the FIFTH Spider-Man movie in 15 years?  We’re averaging a Spider-Man movie every three years, here, people.

You’ve got to give Huxley-Berg Studios a whole lot of credit for making such amazingly accurate trailers just for the love of Legos and movies.  It’s truly awesome.  Fan films are the epitome of joy and fun and celebration.   They make me so very happy.

Check out both the live-action and Lego versions of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer below.  Sit at your computer in awe of fandom and it’s great capabilities.  Because, with great fandom, comes great responsibility.

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