In the mood for a space opera, but don’t want to deal with live-action realness?  TBS has the cure!  Final Space, an animated space opera comedy from indie filmmaker Olan Rogers is coming to your TV screens.  And, the sneak peek trailer looks amazing! 

Final Space features a star-studded cast including Conan O’Brian, Andy Richter, Fred Armisen, Steven Yeun and David Tennant.  And, that is truly only naming a few!  According to, who called our attention to the trailer, Final Space “features an astronaut named Gary Space and his adorable extraterrestrial sidekick, Mooncake. Gary journeys through space on a mission to find the edge of the universe. ”  Tennant will play the ‘evil lord commander’, which we can assume is the antagonist… and I couldn’t be more excited about that!  

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We don’t learn much about the show through the sneak peek except that it’s an adventure of epic proportions.  In a very dramatic montage we get: lasers, blood spatter, explosions, aliens, spaceships, ray guns, a kitty… everything you could ever ask for in a space adventure.  I am 100% in for this show.  Check it out.  

Final Space will air on TBS sometime in early 2018.  We will keep you updated!

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