Here’s a thing I never thought I’d say.  Sesame Street has done an amazing Stranger Things parody.  You heard me.  Sesame Street made a video short called Sharing Things, where the Cookiegorgon and all of the kids in Hawkins learn to share, and Barb still gets completely mistreated. 

This is a brilliant send up of Stranger Things for a number of reasons.  Cookie Monster is the Cookiegorgon who has eaten all he can and is looking for more.  The bunny sheriff, Mr. Hoppy (Hopper) only wants to share the remaining healthy pumpkin.  The kids and Joyce are represented pretty accurately, if by well-loved characters that we already know.  Eleven is… a literal eleven.  Amazing.  And, Dustin, played by Ernie has a worm called Dirt (Dart) who keeps inexplicably getting bigger.  It’s so extremely fun, and somehow manages to get its sharing agenda across in an effective way.

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The best and worst part is at the end.  The Cookiegorgon, having learned to share, goes back to the Snack Side Down to talk to Barb.  She is hoping that Nancy remembered her, or she gets to go home. Cookie delivers something else.  It’s so sad and so totally nails it.  

Watch it and see the brilliance of it all.  Poor, poor Barb.  

In this parody of Stranger Things, the Cookiegorgon has eaten everything in the Snackside Down and is still hungry! Will he learn how to share, or will he continue wreaking havoc on the kids in town by eating all their treats? Tune in to find out!

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