This video is wonderful and you need to watch it but, if you are a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, you need to grab some tissues first!

Patrick Stewart was on The View this morning promoting Star Trek: Picard (It airs tomorrow!) and he was doing his due diligence by making those around him swoon. Then, he turns to Whoopi Goldberg, who famously played Guinan on TNG, and invites her to join season two. She was floored, the audience was floored, we viewers were floored. She stood up, the audience stood up, we viewers stood up. She cried, the audience cried, we viewers cried. It was a brilliant moment.

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You can see how important this invitation is by Whoopi Goldberg’s reaction. She has always talked about how important being a part of TNG was to her and how she much loved it. That aside, Guinan is one of the all time great characters in the Star Trek universe who often was Jean-Luc’s confidant and dispenser of wisdom in the darkest of times. The two have a very unique history. She was also always there for the crew as she ran the lounge Ten Forward. She comes from a race of listeners (El-Aurian), after all. She also a penchant for super cool hats. Another takeaway from this interaction today was the warmth and respect between Goldberg and Stewart. It was palpable and the tears were flowing in my house. 

Take a look at the video and make sure you let yourself feel the feels. It will brighten your day. 



This post was originally published on 1/22/20