The final season of Orphan Black is coming and the clones aren’t messing around.  Season 5 is being called ‘The Final Trip’.  This most likely refers to the fact that this is the final season of the show, it’s the final season of the amazing actress Tatiana Maslany and perhaps many things we don’t yet know.  Ooooohhhh!!

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What we do know is that in this new trailer, the sestras aren’t backing down.  There’s talk of unity; ‘together, we are one.’  There’s talk of resilience; ‘They could not break us’.  And, most importantly, there’s resolve to fight back;  ‘Now we fight… together we fight with everything we’ve got.’  Clone Club is coming and they’re getting their lives back whatever may occur.  We can most likely expect a final battle to end all battles.  Let’s hope we’ll see the battle to end all battles!  The real question in, who will survive?!?

Orphan Black‘s final trip begins on Saturday, June 10th at 10/9 c on BBC America.

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