Liam Neeson is known much more for his gravitas than for his jolliness.  So, mall Santa Claus might not be the best gig for him.  The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tested that theory on Friday night.  Theory proven.

Neeson gives us a Santa that we might never want to see again, and certainly not shimmying down our chimneys.  I’m pretty sure he would not come unarmed.  His Santa is much more Taken than giving, and it’s hilarious.

I don’t think anyone has ever publicly referred to Santa Claus as ‘an eye in the sky bringing swift judgement’ before, and though it is accurate, Neeson makes it a chilling realization.  So take this one in, in the spirit of the season, and then rest your sweet little heads on your pillows and pray that Liam Neeson didn’t book this gig.  If you’ve been naughty, he’s the stuff of Christmas nightmares.

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