Have you missed out on The Expanse?  Did you totally, veraciously watch every single second of The Expanse, but it’s been over a year since season 3 and season 4 is coming and you’re worried you might not remember all of those seconds?  Kevin Smith has got you covered.  

Amazon Prime released a video on Monday that gives you a detailed  summation of all three seasons straight from the mouth of Silent Bob, himself.  And, it’s really, really funny. 

Smith gives a highly enthusiastic recounting of the full The Expanse series to this point.  And, he does it on green screen expecting ‘high caliber effects’ to match the show.  Of course, those effects never arrive.  But, we get some super funny bits with a man in green screen spandex delivering ‘zero g’ graphics.  The little zero g dance he does makes me laugh every time.  

Keep in mind, this video is NSFW.  Smith is, after all, highly enthusiastic.  

So, take around 14 minutes to catch up on 30 hours of television, refresh, have a laugh and get ready for The Expanse season 4! Because the only force stronger than gravity, is FOMO, man.  Bring on the juuuuuiice!! 

Kevin Smith recaps the first three seasons of The Expanse so you can jump right into season four when it’s released Friday, December 13th on Amazon Prime Video. A show known for its visual effects, Kevin assumes he’ll have access to the same high-caliber graphics throughout the recap. He shows off his green screen prowess while summarizing 30 hours of action-packed TV, unaware special effects were never planned to be added.

The fourth season of The Expanse premieres on Amazon Prime December 13th.

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