You’ve seen the new Batwoman posters, now we have a new Batwoman season 2 teaser trailer. Javicia Leslie suits up as the new caped crusader, aka Ryan Wilder in the new season on The CW.   

Leslie was cast as the new Batwoman after season one star Ruby Rose left the series. This is the first time we’re seeing Leslie in action. We know Ryan will attempt to wear Kate’s Batsuit before making it her own. And from the looks of things in the teaser, this is the first time Ryan is wearing that suit.

According to, Ryan had a difficult past. When we meet Ryan in the season premiere, she is living out of her van and finds the suit in the most peculiar way. To Ryan, the cape and the cowl is the key to never feeling low again, so she puts it on, cue teaser trailer, and starts fighting crime. As for what happens to Kate, well, that’s a whole other mystery. It will be interesting to watch the rest of Batwoman characters react to a new caped crusader. I’m sure they will try to stop her, but if she’s anything like Kate, she won’t listen.

In the first teaser for Batwoman season two, Ryan quickly puts on the Batsuit. She takes a moment to look at the cowl before putting in on. The cowl is the final touch as the new Batwoman and Ryan says, “Time to be powerful.” 

Check out the Batwoman season two teaser below. 

Batwoman returns to the The CW on Sunday January 17.






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