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On Saturday, November 1st 2014, Geek Girl Authority and Legion of Leia presented the most EPIC panels of all time at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, the ICONOCLASH PANEL.  And by epic, I mean a handful of people in a room with a guest list of frakking hilarious people discussing our favorite female icons and let me tell ya: hilarity and insight ensued.

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On our panel we had:

Jenna Busch – Founder of Legion of Leia
Claudia Dolph – Co-Founder of Geek Girl Authority, Project C, Poll Cats
Jenny Flack – Co-Founder of Geek Girl Authority, Mission Star Mission, The Flack Attack, Poll Cats
Grant Imahara – Former Mythbusters Host
Audrey Kearns – Founder and Editor of Geek Girl Authority, Kneel Before Aud
Matt Key – Groundlings, Marvel News for Marvel Fans on Schmoes Know
Alan Kistler – Sci-Fi/Superhero Historian
Joseph Scrimshaw – writer, comedian
Len Wein – Legendary comic book writer and creator of Wolverine

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Please enjoy the podcast/youtube video of the event and read some of the best quotes below! Also, at the end of the post, enjoy our ICONOCLASH gallery of pictures!


Joseph Scrimshaw: I think Leia is a cold-blooded murderer ultimately. I think she would murder Carter without compulsion.

Joseph Scrimshaw: I know a lot about (Samantha) Carter because I read her Wikipedia page this morning

Len Wein: There’s nobody in the Star Wars Universe who can shoot worth a shit.

Jenny Flack: If you vote for Leia, the terrorists win!

Audience Member: She’s a rich kid with a gun.
Joseph Scrimshaw: She’s an angry orphan.

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Len Wein: Over the years I’ve been asked often, what is Batman’s superpower. My answer is always, ‘He wins!’ And that’s Ripley. Ripley wins whatever it takes. Even if it takes killing herself to take out the bad guy, she wins.

Audience Member: Only Ripley can kill Ripley.

Joseph Scrimshaw: You’re never going to see Ripley go to a dance.
Alan Kistler: That’s what Alien 3 was missing!


Matt Key: Would Ripley have gotten rid of He Who Shall Not Be Named first? Or would that have gone to Hermione?
Alan Kistler: She (Ripley) would have shot him.

Jenna Busch: I feel like they should team up.
Audrey Kearns: It would be like Newt and Ellen. It’d be like a mother/daughter team. Hermione and Ellen Take on the World!

Audrey Kearns: What do you think Ellen’s online dating page would be like?

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Joseph Scrimshaw: This is just a gritty eighties movie with a heavy metal soundtrack.

Len Wein: The first time we see Leia, she’s begging for help…
Joseph Scrimshaw: ...That’s the lesson of Ripley. She needs to learn to ask for help. She needs to listen to Amanda Palmer’s Ted Talk.

Alan Kistler: Ewoks vs Xenomorph. Imagine if you will…Ewoks are vicious, everyone thinks they’re so cute. They were going to eat Han and Luke.
Joseph Scrimshaw: Did the Ewoks have another little Ewok coming out of their own Ewok mouths.
Claudia Dolph: That’s a hairball.

Grant Imahara: Ripley is a glorified vigilante looking for Xenomorph justice. 

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Joseph Scrimshaw: So just be clear on what we’ve done. On this female panel, we’ve turned this vote into a discussion between Batman and Captain America. WE ARE FEMINISTS!

Jenny Flack: I think Newt would fuck Luke (Skywalker) up!

Jenny Flack: I’m an actor dammit! I don’t do math!

Claudia Dolph: I’m going Leia/Ripley.
Audrey Kearns: Is that what you’re gonna name your kid? Leia Ripley?

Matt Key: I am voting for Len (Wein). He is my favorite female character. 

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