LOGAN didn’t shy away from gore. Fans were rejoiced to see Wolverine unleashed, bringing carnage wherever he went. As Rising Sun points out to us though, a lot goes into the making of all that claw damage.

Uploaded on their official YouTube channel, the VFX company gave fans an inside look on the making of scenes from the film. With things as “simple” as adding cars to the shot or having blood drip down a thug’s face. Even adding tears to Sir Patrick Stewarts eyes! It’s incredible to look at.

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Some shots they break down all the different layers into making the scene. From adding impact in the dirt to dust in the sky. It makes the film more atmospheric with just these little touches. They’re so flawless you wouldn’t think that it was an effect. Be warned, there are spoilers in the video so watch at your own risk if you haven’t seen the film yet.

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Erin Lynch