This live stream from the International Space Station began in October and I wish I had discovered it before. It probably would have been helpful in that last, hectic, quarter of 2016.

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The ISS is home to American, Japanese, Canadian, and European astronauts, as well as Russian cosmonauts, and its a stunning view of Earth from space, 240 miles above the planet. The comment feed is kind of cool as well, since it’s on a global scale, you can chat with people all over the Earth you’re looking at, in that very moment.

If you need some perspective or just a moment of peace and calm, this will do it. Kudos also to Kevin McLeod for the music:…
Peace of Mind 
Almost in F
Music for Manatees

Good news is that NASA has no intention of turning off the feed anytime soon, just know that at some points there will be pre-recorded footage shown because there is a period of 45 minutes of night, so there is no light.

This addendum made me laugh:

This stream may upset those who believe in a Flat Earth – my advice:
either believe the truth that the earth if round or just look somewhere else

If you’d like to know exactly where ISS is look, here: Use the real time ISS tracker…

Grab some tea or wine, and enjoy:

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