Growing up, my dad instilled in me a love of Kung Fu movies. He had a decent Bruce Lee film collection, which I would sneak off to watch when I could. Like Bruce Lee, my dad practiced martial arts and was pretty good with nunchaku, and watching the rhythmic twirling and pop of the sticks as he went through the motions was absolutely fascinating. There is nothing like watching Bruce Lee, though, and I am happy for any reason to do so, which is why I was excited to find a scene from The Big Boss with an added lightsaber effect! Star Wars + Kung Fu? Yes, please! (Side note: The video is labeled Fist of Fury, which was technically the title of the sequel – but it was also mistakenly the original film’s official American release title. It’s complicated, ok?)

YouTuber Patrick Nan was inspired to do the short video edit when he came across a work of art by DeviantArtist Ameeeeba: Bruce Lee Jedi. Bruce Lee’s pants have been updated with a functional belt, his hands are covered in leather gloves, and his nunchaku have become connected, short lightsabers. In a classic pose, Bruce Lee stands ready to fight against the surrounding Sith, one of which appears to already be on the ground at his feet. The art is gorgeous with its spectacular detail.

Bruce Lee Jedi by ameeeeba DeviantArt

Bruce Lee Jedi by ameeeeba, DeviantArt


That gorgeous art translated well with Patrick Nan’s short edit. The entire 1-minute 45-second scene, which sits about an hour and a half into the film, has had the protagonist’s sword turned into a red lightsaber and Bruce Lee’s nunchaku into a glowing yellow weapon of beauty. Watch the scene below and enjoy a little bit of nerdery with me. I’d love to see more than a short clip redone with lightsabers, but that takes time and skill. Maybe Disney can slip in a nunchaku wielding Jedi in an upcoming film? 

The Big Boss (original Chinese title) was first released in Hong Kong in 1971 and released as Fist of Fury in America in 1973. The film follows a young man (Bruce Lee) who has sworn an oath of non-violence while he visits and works with his cousins in an ice factory in Thailand – but then they mysteriously begin to disappear.


Originally published January 16, 2018.



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