Rogue One was a visual feast, touching on the new and old of the Star Wars universe. And in this day and age, sometimes you forget how the more simple things in the film were probably made after hours of painstaking work. This reel from ILM emphasizes just how much work is put into not only the special effects, but the little details in the film.

Now, re-making Grand Admiral Tarkin has been the thing that most people have talked about. It is an impressive piece of work, for absolute certain. But watching all the other effects come to life make Tarkin seem simple. Seeing every little detail mapped out on Jedha is probably the most incredible to me. Every little hut, every moving AT-ST. It’s just a sight to behold – I can’t even image the amount of time that was put into that set piece alone.

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Another thing shown in the reel is things you don’t initially think about when watching the film. For example, the smoke on Scarif during the battle. The rain falling on the X-Wings on Eadu. It just makes your mouth drop looking at everything. You’ll have to check it out below and see for yourself!

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Erin Lynch