Wow.  Let’s just take a second to think about the journey (and I hate that word, but this is one) that this teaser takes us on.  I watched it three times before I even knew what to think of it.  Netflix’s The Discovery is coming, and we’d better be ready.

Jason Segel, Robert Redford and Rooney Mara star in this near-future science fiction where the afterlife is proven by science and people start to take matters into their own hands.  The teaser focuses mainly on the love story between Segel and Mara in this uncertain future.  The imagery is haunting and beautiful.  The editing in this thing is phenomenal.  And, the concept absolutely makes you immediately start questioning.

How does love survive when you don’t only live in the here and now?  If you were sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was something waiting for you when you die, would you wait?  Is mortality worth it when immortality exists?  Ooooooohhhhh!  I’m so excited to see this, I’m just going to DIE.

The Discovery premieres on Netflix March 31, 2017.


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