Game of Thrones fans, stop everything and watch this!  French animator, Malec has made an original anime Game of Thrones opening sequence with its own theme song!  You’ll never go back! 

Uproxx made this masterpiece known to us, and we couldn’t be more grateful.  Not only is the sequence spot-on in terms of tone and imagery… but its original theme song’s only english lyrics are ‘Game of Thrones‘, ‘winter hating love’, and ‘sex is free’.  Preach, Malec!  (If you happen to be able to read and/or understand the non-english subtitles, do let us know!)

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The sequence starts with a number of images of characters that have already met their demise, intercut with a bloodied iron throne.  We see a lot of Jon and Dany, but most major characters get their moment.  There’s a great bit where Arya slashes needle around with her kill list featured behind her.  There’s an excellent shot of a wolf and a dragon running into battle together.  Jon and Dany join them, but I’d be perfectly happy if I got my dream of Ghost and Drogon fighting, or even frolicking together all over Westeros!  Is it so much to ask?

This is worth a watch, or 10.  Game of Thrones‘ eigth and final season starts shooting next week.  

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