20th Century Fox has released three new teaser trailers for their upcoming sci-fi thriller prequel, Alien: Covenant and they seems to give us few options.

The trailers are entitled, Run, Hide and Pray.  Each gives the appropriate advice for the period of time represented.  In the Run trailer, we see the characters as they enter the world of the alien.  They know not what they do.  It’s their last chance to escape, and by the end of the trailer that chance is gone.

In the Hide trailer, we’re among the enemy, in the depths of hell.  Awareness is clearly mounting, but maybe not fast enough.  Getting in a hole and holding your breath may be the only way out.

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In the Pray trailer, they’re coming for you.  And, they’re coming in a fast, relentless, terrifying way.  Prayer is all you’ve got.  In fact, I think Fox may have missed a little word-play opportunity on this one.  Perhaps the title should have been Prey?

So, choose.  Choose wisely.  I’m going to go with run… the other way… before the ship ever leaves Earth’s atmosphere.

Alien: Covenant premieres May 19.

These trailers gave me chills.  Take a look.



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