My heart can’t handle this video. There is so much cuteness and awesomeness AND it’s about rockets. Science rockets!

So, this little 8-year-old is CJ Kearns. Yes, a Kearns like me. He’s my wonderful nephew and he’s a third grader who is excitedly working on his first science project. He chose this as his topic:

How Does the Wing Size and Shape Affect the Flight Distance of a Paper Rocket?

CJ choosing rockets doesn’t surprise me at all. As a statement of fact, rockets are cool. Also, my family is from the Space Coast of Florida. It’s where Kennedy Space Center is located. I saw every shuttle launch from the very first one up until 2001 when I moved to Los Angeles. Not only did we see shuttles, but we saw satellites, missiles….if they launched it, we could see if from our front yard and our house would shake! Now CJ is living that life. He’s seen plenty of launches and been to the Space Center quite a few times. In fact, here’s a pic of CJ and myself pretending we’re best friends with a robot at Kennedy Space Center:

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10_Fotor_Collage

CJ is incredibly enthusiastic about his first science project. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Science rocks especially rockets! The cool thing about CJ is that he does well in school plus he’s an amazing athlete – soccer, basketball and baseball, he’s darkly funny, incredibly sweet, reads like nobody’s business, get’s into fights with his younger brother AND loves science. He’s the perfect 21st Century Kid. Everything is cool. Nothing’s off the table.

This video starts out simple enough. You see his topic, you see a montage of CJ cutting different squares out of construction paper and then, AND THEN, he talks! And he’s so darn cute! He first words are:

“So this is how to make a science rocket…”

A science rocket! Um, that’s a super mega gigantic dose of cute. Then, as he builds his science rocket he stands up to demonstrate where to put the tape and how many pieces to use (he’s very specific about that) and he’s wearing a Darth Vader shirt. A third grader is building a science rocket with a Lord Vader shirt on. COME. ON! Second super mega gigantic dose of cute!

There’s another montage of CJ cutting shapes out of construction paper. Triangles, ovals, rectangles, you name it. These are to be the wings on the rocket.

After the montage CJ’s mom asks which rocket he thinks will go the farthest. This is what CJ says, “I think the parallelogram will go the farthest,” but what you hear is “I think the pawallelogwam will go the farthest.” Yep, third dose and as if you can’t take any more, his mom asks which one will the least farthest and CJ answers that question very seriously with, “Since I’m surprising myself with this, I think the crescent wings.” And yes, you hear, “cwescent wings.”

We do get to see CJ testing a couple of the rockets with his little brother Brady helping him (not punching him, probably because the camera was recording!). Although we don’t get to see the results yet. That’s coming up in Episode 2 which I’m looking forward to seeing. I think it should be titled:

Pawallelogwams and Cwescent Wings: A Science Rocket Study by Sith Lord CJ Kearns



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