Warner Bros. is changing the streaming game. The juggernaut studio will be releasing its entire 2021 movie slate on HBO Max as well as concurrent theatrical debuts, Deadline reports. This decision follows the studio’s previous move to have Patty Jenkins‘ Wonder Woman 1984 premiere on HBO Max and in select cinemas on Christmas Day. 

It’s apparent that COVID-19’s ravaging of the entertainment industry will slither into 2021. With only 50 percent of theaters open domestically and January just around the corner, it’s going to be difficult for theaters to recoup their losses. Warner Bros. will release movies on HBO Max for one month. After that, they’ll leave the platform and continue their run in U.S. theaters and on an international scale. 

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Of course, this will most certainly impact theatrical releases of Warner Bros. properties. How will theaters charge for admission once the movies leave HBO Max? Will the studios ultimately lose more revenue with a streaming debut, since that’s essentially a month of money down the drain? Experts may speculate, but unfortunately, I’m not one of those in the know. 

Now, here are the Warner Bros. flicks you can expect to see streaming on HBO Max for one month: Dune, Matrix 4, The Suicide SquadIn the HeightsSpace Jam: A New LegacyGodzilla vs. KongTom & JerryMortal KombatThe Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do ItJudas and the Black MessiahKing Richard and much more. 

While this is excellent news for immunocompromised folks and those wishing to flatten the pandemic curve, I’m not sure people will want to see movies in theaters until COVID-19 is eradicated. Regardless, I’m thankful these films will be available to stream, even if for a limited time. It’s a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” situation. Unless Warner Bros. goes the Disney Plus route and charges for movie premieres, the studio will lose revenue. It may prove difficult to break even. 

What do you think about Warner Bros. giving its 2021 movie slate a streaming debut on HBO Max? Sound off in the comments below!



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