Warcraft Unite


Warcraft released today on DVD and blu-ray, and the folks at Screen Junkies aren’t going to let that go without the Honest Trailer treatment.

We all had high hopes Warcraft would break the video game movie curse and lead us into a golden ago of video game movies.  Unfortunately, it failed miserably.  The movie tried so desperately to set up a franchise, it completely missed several basic storytelling techniques and ended up a chaotic mess.

I love the Warcraft world, I love the lore, and there were parts of the movie I enjoyed.  However, this is one of the rare cases where a movie would benefit from being longer.  Or, maybe, split into two movies and marketing that way from the beginning.  It also would have helped if this movie had been released, say, six years earlier.

Screen Junkies pulls no punches and is brutally honest with its teardown of Warcraft.  Enjoy!

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