Diablo 20th anniversary is in full swing and, as promised by Blizzard, all their games are getting in on the fun.  Each game is getting something different, some more than others.  Overwatch has sprays and an icon, Starcraft has a portrait, Heroes of the Storm is getting a Brawl and a portrait, in Hearthstone you can battle the a dark wanderer.  But World of Warcraft now has a secret cow level.

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What I love the most about this event is the tool tip that has appeared in WoW for as long as tooltips have existed that clearly states there is no cow level.  But cow level there is, complete with limited items, and an achievement.  The premise is simple, to find the secret cow level you have to locate a Treasure Goblin, kill him, then enter the portal and kill the Cow King.  Treasure Goblins can be found in multiple locations on the Broken Isles, even in the Dalaran sewers.

To get the achievement, you need to kill the Cow King and get his rare Twelve-String Guitar.  You can only kill the Cow King once per day, and the RNG gods are not always kind so the sooner you get started the better.   Treasure Goblins also have their own loot table but can be killed indefinitely.  For a full guide, check out the one at WoWHead.


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